How it works:

  • We accept photos via email for review by our staff.
  • If your items have been approved for consignment, you may bring them into the store. (We can give you the number of a mover.)
  • We offer a 50%/50% split.
  • Consignment term is 60 days.
  • Checks are cut on the 15th of every month.
  • After the first 30 days we reserve the right to reduce the price up to 25%. (We do not do this automatically.)
  • After 60 days you must reclaim your item(s) or they becomes store property and will be donated.

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Consignment  Contentment

Consigning with us can be a lot of fun. It just takes the right attitude and approach. Is consignment the right choice for you when wanting to part with your beloved treasures? Our philosophy is simple- we want to make you as much money as possible. But there's a few things you should know. Below is a new section that we felt important to include in our new website, in an effort to educate clients who are new to the world of consignment. We have compiled a list below (which has been honed over the last few years) to help you find happiness in consigning.

People seeking to consign a couch they purchased 5 years ago, that is still in reasonably good shape and has a good design, has a good chance of selling at leftovers. That said, used furniture obviously does not command the same high prices of new furniture found in retail showroooms. Not even close. Warning: You will be disappointed if you expect to recoup every penny you originally paid, including tax and shipping ;) You will be similarly let down if you hope to dig yourself out of a financial hole with the profits made from selling your grandma's teacups and saucers. It just doesn't happen.

This purging of goods is most satisfying when you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready to let go. It's about transforming the clutter in your closet into money. A savvy alternative to simply donating or giving your furniture to your relative or next door neighbor. Nirvana in consignment means uncluttered garages, empty storage units, and money in your pocket.


Healthful Benefits:

  • Clutter-free life
  • Mo mo mo money
  • Mysterious absence of storage locker fees
  • Discovered new zen space




Thanks   but  no  thanks...

We don't accept:

  • Torchere-style lamps
  • Beds (including bunk beds), mattresses & bedding
  • High-chairs, cribs or strollers
  • Old heavy wood furniture i.e. rolltop desks
  • Children's stuff
  • Grandma anything
  • Drapes
  • Electronics or appliances




Use the upload form below to send us photos of items you wish to consign.
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1. 7' Antique English Pine Dining Table. As-is condition. Would like to net $2000
2. DWR Louis Ghost Chair. Retails for $410. Would like to net $200.

Please be BRIEF.